Plan for failure.
Engineer for resilience.

We enable integrators & systems engineers to build safe, resilient systems.

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New challenges for system integrators


Complexity hides risk.

Highly automated machines and sophisticated devices require tight integration of hardware and software into complex systems that interact with the physical world.

For system integrators, this complexity means expensive production delays, safety recalls, and cyber-security breaches as emergent failures become increasingly commonplace.

Autonomous mining
Robotic surgery
Robotic warehouse
Autonomous car
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Tools of the Trade


Highly automated systems require a new class of development tools.


Today’s integrators and systems engineers are pushing the limits of scale, complexity, and criticality for software-intensive systems.

However, the tools available for capturing the risk of emergent and systematic failure are slow, expensive, and routinely provide incomplete information.

That's why we started Auxon. Our goal is to tame the complexity of systems development so you can get to market faster with safer, more resilient products.


Build with confidence.

Auxon’s continuous verification & validation platform proactively exposes hidden system flaws to help you avoid systematic failures while engineering for resilience against random faults. With Auxon, you can finally bridge the gap between your design and your implementation.



A simple addition to your deployment process gives you deep visibility into your system's behavior, allowing you to track down integration issues.



Fits into your product life-cycle’s SIL & HIL workflows to ensure that your real systems conform to your abstract models.



Explores system interactions to characterize your components & system interfaces, allowing you to discover potential risk & systematic failures.